Fall Skin Care Survival Guide

Fall Skin Care Survival Guide

It's sweater season, and you know what that means: leaves change colours, pumpkin spice lattes are back and… your skin is probably starting to freak out a little bit.

If you're worried about your skin changing with the seasons, don't worry—we've got you covered. Grab a sweater, and read our tips for handling sweater and PSL season, before the leaves change colors. :)

Start your Retinol

With the fall season comes a new lease on life for your skin. Whether you've been taking a break from retinol over the summer or have never even tried it, fall is the perfect time to start again and see what all the hype is about.

Retinol has been a mainstay in skincare routines for years, and it's not hard to see why: it helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines, improves skin texture, and even helps prevent acne. It's also an important part of an anti-aging skincare routine.

Retinol will help you get rid of those pesky wrinkles while also keeping your skin looking young and healthy. It's a great way to start off the new fall season on a positive note!

Don't underestimate the power of moisturizer.

Fall is the season to moisturize!

It's no secret that dry skin can lead to wrinkles and fine lines. But did you know that even if you're using a moisturizer, it still might not be enough for your skin? That's because not all moisturizers are created equal.

If you're looking for an effective moisturizing solution for all skin types, look no further than Zo Skin Health's Power Defense Moisturizer! This moisturizer will make sure that your skin stays hydrated and healthy this fall—and beyond.

Clean your makeup brushes.

If you use makeup regularly, it's important to clean your brushes regularly. Makeup brushes can become contaminated with bacteria, which can lead to acne breakouts and other skin issues. To clean your brushes:

  • Use a gentle cleanser like baby shampoo or a baby soap (make sure it's fragrance free).
  • Soak the brush in warm water until the bristles are completely soaked through. The warm water will help loosen any makeup that's stuck on the brush.
  • Swirl the brush around in circular motions over the palm of your hand until all of the makeup is removed from the bristles. If there’s still some residual product left in your brush, dip it back into some more warm water and repeat this process until all traces of makeup have been washed away from every bristle on your brush!


Exfoliating can be a great way to slough off dead skin cells and other debris that accumulate on our bodies throughout the year.

But not all exfoliants are created equal. Using a physically exfoliating product like Zo Skin Health Exfoliating Polish will help improve your overall skin radiance. Magnesium oxide crystals produce a gentle, exfoliating effect that leaves skin feeling soft and smooth.

We all know that exfoliation is important for healthy skin, but what exactly does it do? When you exfoliate your skin, you're removing dead skin cells from the surface of your epidermis. This gives your complexion a fresh new start making it easier for products to penetrate the skin and keeping your complexion looking brighter because dull skin is dead skin cells.

Your skin care routine should change with the season.

It's true! Your skin is affected by humidity and temperature, so it's important to adjust what you put on your skin accordingly. If you've been wondering if your current products are still working for you or if they may need an update, we offer consultations at our spa where we can help you determine what is best for your skin.

Don't forget sunscreen.

We know, we know: the weather is changing. The leaves are starting to fall and the days are getting shorter. But did you notice that one thing never changes?

The sun!

That's right—our friend the sun is relentless in its assault on our skin, no matter what time of year it is. And if there's one thing we love more than a good PSL (pumpkin spice latte), it's our skin! So we thought we'd take some time to remind you how important it is to protect your skin from the sun—especially during the winter months when we tend to think it's too cold outside for sunscreen.

As we've mentioned before, even if it feels like there aren't any rays coming from the sky, UV rays are still present—and they can cause damage just as easily in winter as they do in summer. That's why it's so important that you put on sunscreen everyday—even when it's cold outside!


We hope this has given you some tips to get ready for sweater and PSL season! Enjoy the Fall glow.

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